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intercostal (S.I.V.'   veins.    The   short,  vertical   right innominate vein onlv receives the formative external
jugular and subclavian veins. The superior vena cava (S.Y.C.) runs as in Man, and receives the ven:i azygos major. The azygos veins drain the lower nine spaces, the first three being drained by the superior intercostal veins. Xo ascending lumbar veins are present. In the Gorilla the vena azygos major drains all the interspaces on the right side. It receives the vena heini-azygos from the lower left intercostal spaces. The oboe from the first six or seven left intercostal spaces drains into the superior vena cava. The azygos and hemi-azygos veins communicate below with the renal veins (Eisler).
In all Apes the intrat-horacic part of the inferior vena cava is short.
Veins nf the Abdomen.
Portal System.—In the Chimpanzee (fig. 46) the system is almost bilaterally symmetrical. A vein formed by the confluence of gastric, splenic and inferior mesenteric veins unites with a vein formed bv the
superior mesenteric, pyloro-duodenal and transverse colic veins to form the portal vein. The venous arch in the transverse meso-colon connects these systems. The portal vein has the same origin, course and relations as in Man. The splenic vein (S,V.) passes through the lieno-renal ligament. It receives rasa brevia CV.B.) from the great gastric curvature, pancreatic veins and the left gastro-epiploic vein (L.G.E.Y.) from the great curvature of the stomach. The inferior mesenteric vein (I.M.V.1 drains the large bowel from the splenic flexure